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James Hamilton 

Lead Guitarist 

Duesenberg Star Player TV

Morgan RCA35

      James started playing guitar at 7 years old. Growing up he had plenty of opportunities to practice while he was grounded and sent to his room. Music is the only thing he’s ever wanted to do. 
       Through the years he’s had the privilege of working at some of the best guitar amplifier companies in the industry like Divided By 13 and Morgan Amplification. 
       James is a big fan of Duesenberg, James Tyler, Asher and Novo Guitars; Morgan Amplification and Divided By 13; Love Pedals, JHS Pedals, Line 6 and Eventide.

Greyson grimes


2018 Gibson Firebird 

2017 Badcat Cougar 

Pedals: Cocaine Compressor. Mudd Honey Dual Distortion. Golden Archer Overdrive. BOSS DD7. Blue-Sky Reverb.

Greyson Grimes started writing music and singing at a early age of 10. He found his love for emotional and dynamic music at his first concert which was "The Fray" in 2004. Since then he has been exposed to many genres and styles of writing and has become well known for his statement about his music and his social media handle @realfeelsmusic. Greyson Grimes started the band Thatcher In Sydney, Australia while attending a music school and majoring in Songwriting. He approached Daniel Nelson and Jonothan Cornella after writing a handful of material that needed a dynamic beyond just him and the guitar. Greyson Grimes has been apart of a few successful projects and has always shared a vulnerable but yet hopeful experience in the music he sets a side for Thatcher. Greyson has a large vision for Thatcher and believes the sky is the limit with over 400 songs composed in he last 5 years. 

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